tree pruning service

If you have commercial or residential land that has trees or weeds that need to be removed, or that needs tree pruning services, or reduction then you may want to consider hiring an individual or company that provides those and related tree surgery services. The ideal tree surgeon will also provide vegetation control and know how to properly dispose of any trees or weeds removed from your yard. Here you can get more information about Tree Surgeon Manchester.

Bark and Branch is a highly qualified tree surgery service company that has many years’ experience in the services listed above. The company is also dedicated to pleasing their customers with the work they do and services they provide. They provide services to the British counties of Cheshire, Derbyshire, Manchester and nearby areas. Because of their knowledge and expertise in the area plants and vegetation, the professionals who work for this company are known as arborists. All arborists who work for Bark and Branch are knowledgeable in plant terminology and are certified to perform the services they provide and handle the necessary equipment needed to provide these services. The company also holds public liability insurance.


The arborists will not perform any unnecessary work in your yard or on your land. They will do only what you ask for, or what is needed. For instance, if you want a tree removed that is still full of life, they will advise you to keep it, or to only remove parts of the tree if you must. For more information, you can visit: